In his first conference as president-elect, Iohannis asks for solving amnesty, mail voting and budget issues

PSD to veto amnesty law tomorrow, as requested.

On Monday President-elect Klaus Iohannis thanked Romanians for voting him, adding he will be a free president representing all citizens. “I thank all those who went to the polls on Sunday, it was a phenomenal 64 percent turnout, it is the most pleasant surprise of these elections,” Iohannis said in the first press conference held as president-elect. Iohannis sent best regards to Romania’s foreign partners. “I shall go on with the partnerships that represent the piers of Romania’s foreign policy: the strategic partnership with US, our role and place in EU and NATO. I’ll prove Romania is a serious, credible, long-distance partner,” Iohannis stated.

He said it is high time to get to work, urging Parliament to discuss amnesty law, to proceed talks on mail voting and inviting Government to send 2015 budget draft law in Parliament as soon as possible. “The campaign is over, now we shall get to work. I am willing to categorically get to work very seriously, as Romanians signaled a deep change in Romania. I understood this signal and I urge politicians to consider it and judge very well what they have to do for the next days. I ask Parliament to keep its promise and place Amnesty law on its agenda tomorrow and to veto the bill tomorrow, as well. I kindly ask the Parliament to debate all requests for MPs investigation and approve them all. I also ask political parties to urgently begin talks on mail voting. I don’t want the Diaspora vote situation to happen ever again. It is intolerable. I invite the Government to urgently put forward the 2015 budget draft, the sooner the better,” Iohannis told the journalists.

In retort, PM Victor Ponta announced on Monday that PSD would veto amnesty law in Parliament tomorrow and will also vote for some MPs immunity lifting so that they could be investigated by prosecutors. Ponta also said he agreed on the legislation revision of the voting process abroad. The prime minister even suggested to set up a special parliamentary committee to handle the revision procedure at the begining of 2015.

Iohannis asks dismissals for Diaspora voting

President-elect also urged the Executive to assess the voting process organization in Diaspora and to bring to account and dismiss all those responsible for the deficiencies in the polling stations abroad, adding that “someone must take the consequences for the calamitous voting in the Diaspora.” He also asked President B?sescu to assess the situation and to recall all diplomats who didn’t manage the voting process properly. “I consider is a minimal move to withdraw all ambassadors and consuls from the countries where Romanian were humiliated,” he added.

However, PM Ponta did not mention any sanctions to be applied in this row in his Monday’s conference, just saying he will try to save the image of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs. “It is a fundamental institution of the Romanian state, which deals with our representation abroad and just occasionally with the electoral process. Mr. Melescanu came at the last moment, he did everything it was possible from the human and legal point of view,” Ponta said.


The outgoing head of state sent congratulations to Iohannis for winning presidential elections and wished him good luck as the future Romania’s President. European Council president Herman Van Rompuy hailed Iohannis’ victory, saying the newly Romanian president-elect will help Romania to face future political, economic and social challenges.

EPP leader Joseph Daul also congratulated Iohannis on Monday for his victory, pointing out “it is an excellent news” for Romania and for the European Union as well.

The Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu wished Iohannis good luck, adding the friendship between the two countries is shared by all political parties. “We are fond of Romanian friendship,” Israeli PM told an interview for Digi24.

In his turn, president of R.Moldova, Nicolae Timofti called Iohannis to congratulate him for wining presidential elections, expressing his conviction that Romania will be successful in consolidating the rule of law and will thrive during Iohannis’ term.

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