INSCOP poll: PSD first with 31%, PNL and AUR – only 1% apart

Half of the Romanians say that they would definitely vote in the parliamentary elections. PSD ranks first in voting intentions, with 31%, followed by PNL and AUR. The PNL-AUR difference is below 1 percent, according to an INSCOP survey commissioned by and conducted during September 15-22.

Half of those questioned in the survey say that they would certainly go to vote if parliamentary elections were held next Sunday, but almost a quarter of them say that they would certainly not go to exercise their right to vote.

The intention to go to vote was evaluated on a scale from 1 – definitely NO to 10 – definitely YES, the question being: “If there were parliamentary elections next Sunday, how sure are you that you would go to vote?

On the scale from 1 to 10, where 1 means “definitely no” and 10 “definitely yes”, 23.7% of Romanians chose 1, 1.8% of Romanians chose 2, 1.7% chose 3, 1.8% chose 4, 6.8% chose 5, 1.8% chose 6, 2.7% chose 7. 5.3% indicated 8, 2.5% 9 and 50.1 % indicates 10.

The share of those who choose grade 10, – “sure yes” is very high compared to the actual attendance recorded in the previous polls.

Regarding voting intentions, the question concerned a fixed list of parties: “If parliamentary elections were held next Sunday and the following political parties/alliances participated, which party/alliance would you vote for?”

In the case of respondents who expressed their preference for a party from the list and declared that they would definitely go to the vote (37.8% of the sample), 31% would vote with PSD, 20.4% would opt for PNL, 19.7 % would vote with AUR, and 12% with USR. They would follow, in order, as voting intentions, UDMR – 4.6%, SOS – 3.1%, Green Party 2.7%, PMP – 1.7%, Pro Romania 1.5%, Forţa Dreptei 1% , REPER – 0.7%, Other party – 1.6%.

Those who only opted for a party from the list, regardless of whether they go to vote or not, excluding undecideds, expressed the following options: PSD – 29.1%, AUR – 22.4%, PNL – 20.4%, USR – 11%, the other formations being below the electoral threshold of 5% necessary to enter the Parliament.

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  • Panagiotis Spyridis

    Survey was conducted when?