INSCOP Poll: PSD Leads in Parliamentary Election Intentions, Followed by PNL and AUR

According to the latest INSCOP poll commissioned by, if parliamentary elections were held on Sunday, PSD would secure 30.2% of the votes, followed by PNL with 20.1% and AUR with 19.5%.

Additionally, S.O.S., Diana Șoșoacă’s party, would surpass the 5% threshold required for entry into Parliament.

Two-thirds of interviewed Romanians are pessimistic about Romania’s trajectory, with optimism more prevalent among young people under 30, educated individuals, and those with high incomes.

“The analysis reveals optimism, especially among young people under 30, individuals with higher education, passive inactives, and those with high and very high incomes.

Most Romanians would vote for PSD. On a scale of 1 to 10, where 1 means “definitely not” voting and 10 means “definitely yes” voting, 20.5% of Romanians chose 1, 2.5% chose 2, 2% chose 3, and so on. In terms of party preference, among those expressing a preference regardless of their certainty to vote (65.2% of the total sample), 30.2% would vote for PSD, 20.1% for PNL, and 19.5% for AUR.

Other party preferences include 11.9% for USR, 5.2% for SOS, 4.9% for UDMR, and 2% for Pro Romania.

Respondents also expressed preferences for other parties, such as 1.9% for the Green Party, 1.3% for PMP, 0.7% for PUSL, 0.6% for Forța Dreptei, and 0.3% for REPER. The opinion poll was conducted by INSCOP Research for, with data collected from November 20 to 27.”

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