INSCOP poll: The PSD-PNL alliance ranks first for EP elections with 46%

The PSD-PNL alliance is credited with 46.6% of voting intentions in the European parliamentary elections, the AUR with 16.7%, and the United Right Alliance (ADU consisting of USR, PMP and Ludovic Orban’s party, Democratic Force) with 13.8%, according to a survey conducted by INSCOP in April, commissioned by News. ro.

Compared to the previous month, the PSD-PNL Alliance gains almost three percent, the United Right Alliance increases by one percent, while AUR and SOS Romania lose a cumulative 6 percent. 59.2% of Romanians declare that they will definitely vote in the European parliamentary and local elections on June 9.

On a scale from 1 to 10, where 1 means “definitely no” they will vote and 10 “definitely yes” they will vote, 14.7% of Romanians chose 1, 0.5% chose 2, 2% chose 3, 1.2% chose 4, 6.6% chose 5, 1.7% chose 6, 3.2% chose 7. 7.2% indicated 8, 3.7% indicated 9, and 59.2% indicated 10.

ADU (76%) and PSD-PNL voters (69%), people aged between 45 and 59 (67%) and those with higher education (67%) declare in a higher proportion than average that they will go certainly to the vote.

Compared to those who expressed their preference for a party from the list, regardless of whether they declare that they are coming to vote or not (74.4% of the total sample), 46.6% of Romanians would vote with the PSD-PNL alliance (compared to 43.7% in March) , 16.7% with AUR (20.6% in March), 13.8% with United Right Alliance (USR, PMP, FD) (13.7% in March).

5.1% of voters would vote for UDMR (3.9% in March), and 4.5% would vote for SOS Romania (6.4% in March). Pro Romania would get 2.7% of the total votes (3.7% in March), the Romanian Ecologist Party 2.4%, the Green Party 2%  AER Alliance 3.4% in March), REPER 1.8% (0.9% in March), and PUSL 1.5%. 2.8% of respondents express their preference for another party (3.7% in March).

“Almost 60% of Romanians declare that they will appear in the European parliamentary and local elections on June 9. Even if the actual figure of attendance will be closer to 50%, the statements of the participants in the survey indicate a high level of interest in the two types of elections, which is gratifying for Romanian democracy. On the other hand, young people still seem somewhat less mobilized to participate in the civic exercise of voting. Also, correlated with the lower level of youth mobilization, we notice that AUR voters are less mobilized than PSD or United Right Alliance voters – who are currently the most certain that they will vote. Regarding the voting intention, we note an increase in the percentage for the PSD-PNL Alliance and significant decreases in the case of AUR and SOS Romania. Practically, AUR together with SOS Romania cumulatively lose approximately 6 percent in the last month from 27% to 21% (minus 4 percent in the case of AUR and minus 2 percent in the case of SOS Romania). The reactivation of Romanians’ fears of war, but also the approach of the election, which puts voters in front of responsible elections, may have contributed to this negative trend for the two parties”, explains Remus Ştefureac, director of INSCOP Research.

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