Interior, Foreign ministers won’t resign as President had urged

Interior minister Carmen Dan has retorted to President Iohannis‘ call to step down immediately, saying she won’t resign, as the president’s request is not justified.

In a press statement at the HQ of the ministry, Carmen Dan stated that she has to disappoint Klaus Iohannis, as she won’t resign from the minister office “either immediately, or immediately”, stressing that she is not intimidated by the head of state’s call. Dan pointed out she will give up the minister seat if the party asks her to.

It’s no surprise to me that Mr. President is asking for my resignation. It’s not the first time and this fixation is already notorious. Politically speaking, I answer to him that I am not intimidated by the urgent request, not even when they are dubbed by the risk of criminal files. I will file a resignation when the party I am a member of is asking me to. I have talked to the premier after President Iohannis’ statement and I am forced to disappoint him. I won’t resign wither immediately or immediately,” Carmen Dan stated.

She argued the president’s call is unjustified.

The Interior ministry has had, as main duty, to ensure elections in the country are taking place in safe and good conditions. That’s why it is the Interior Ministry (…) Does anyone have evidence or clues that the vote in Romania has been defrauded? If yes, should we understand that PNL has won some rigged elections?”, Carmen Dan said.

The Interior minister has further pointed out that the ministry has detected syncopes in the voting process such as the slow way the tablets were working or the way they wrongly detected alleged multiple votes. However, Carmen Dan assured that no such cases had been confirmed, following the police checks.

FM Melescanu: Nobody has asked for my resignation

In his turn, foreign minister Teodor Melescanu told Digi24 after the president’s resignation request that nobody had asked for him to resign, the PM had not asked him to resign.

Nobody has asked for my resignation. Mr. Klaus Iohannis did it, but he is in electoral campaign and he is in fact the person who created the biggest difficulties at the vote in Diaspora through his decision to have the referendum held at the same time with the EP elections. From this point of view, instead of 2 minutes per person- which would have allowed all to vote-it took 7 minutes to cast the vote,” FM Melescanu argued.

He claimed that the vote abroad is anyway hindered due to procedures.

“In Romania, a voter is on the electoral list, they tick you, you give the ID card, the document is scanned to see if you voted somewhere else, while abroad, when you go to polls, you must show the ID cart, they have to write your name, personal identity code address, occupation, on the additional lists,” Melescanu explained, adding that in the polling stations abroad the operator must fill in an additional list for every ballot paper.

The FM has complained that there had also been a staff shortage across the polling stations abroad, for the political parties have not sent representatives and that’s why they had to be replaced by diplomats.

If the prime minister has something to reproach me, we’ll have an open talk and I have not the slightest interest to blackmail for a seat or another,” Melescanu said, revealing that he has called Dancila right after the President’s resignation call and that Dancila has not asked for him to step down, on the contrary, she assured Melescanu she won’t ask for his resignation.

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