Interior Ministry asks electoral authority to extend voting after 21:00hrs in the crowded polling stations, ‘motion denied’

Interior Ministry has asked on Sunday in a note sent to the Central Electoral Bureau (BEC) the extension of the voting after 21:00hrs in the polling stations where the voting procedure has been hindered due to the anti-Covid measures.
However, BEC has denied the Interior Ministry’s request, as sources from the Bureau told There were only two votes in favour of the extension of the voting time frame. PSD was the one that opposed to the extension.
The ministry  had argued the voting should be extended after 21:00hrs where there will people near the polling stations who will want to vote.
“Considering the voting has been hindered to observe the sanitary protection measures, we kindly ask you to analyse the possibility of extending the voting after 21:00hrs where there are people waiting near the polling station to vote (the courtyard of the premise, alleys or sidewalks),” MAI says.
The request comes after mass media has reported about punctual situations about delays in the voting procedure at some polling stations prompted by the measures necessary amid the COVID-19 pandemic.
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