Iohannis assured Zelensky on the phone “of Romania’s continued firm support”

President Klaus Iohannis had a telephone conversation with the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, on Tuesday, the Presidential Administration announces. The two presidents talked about the war in Ukraine, Iohannis assuring Zelensky “of the continued firm support of our country”, but also about the strategic partnership between the two countries.

“On the occasion of the conversation, President Klaus Iohannis and his Ukrainian counterpart had an in-depth exchange of opinions and assessments regarding the security situation in Ukraine and in the region, especially in the Black Sea, and the President of Romania assured President Volodymyr Zelensky of continued support firm of our country for Ukraine. Also, President Klaus Iohannis reiterated Romania’s condemnation of Russia’s recent intensified brutal attacks on Ukraine, especially on the civil infrastructure”, the statement of the Romanians Presidential Administration states.

The President of Romania and the President of Ukraine also discussed the development of the bilateral relationship and the priorities in this regard for the year 2024, in particular the cross-border projects of mutual interest and the common desire to advance substantially in the process of establishing a Strategic Partnership between the two countries.

“In this context, the President of Romania welcomed the progress regarding Ukraine’s recognition of the non-existence of the so-called “Moldovan language”, as a result of what was agreed by the Presidents in October 2023, and emphasized the importance of respecting the rights of persons belonging to national minorities and continuing a dialogue bilaterally constructive, transparent and principled between the two countries on all files of mutual interest”, according to the press release.

President Klaus Iohannis and his Ukrainian counterpart also discussed Romania’s support for Ukraine’s European integration, the President of Romania congratulating Ukraine on the historic decision taken in December 2023, within the European Council, to open accession negotiations.

President Volodimir Zelenski particularly thanked President Klaus Iohannis for the valuable support and support given by the Romanian head of state personally and by Romania in achieving this goal.

The President of Romania and the President of Ukraine also discussed Ukraine’s Euro-Atlantic path and priorities at the allied level this year, as well as the continuation of relevant support for Ukraine, including in the context of the preparation of the NATO Summit in Washington.

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  • Panagiotis Spyridis

    The game is over. By Easter we will have a wider settled treaty. Russia has of course won.

    • noob

      if so their next goal would be Moldova

      • Panagiotis Spyridis

        obviously not