Iohannis attended the memorial service for deportees in Sibiu

President Klaus Iohannis on Sunday attended the commemoration service of the 70,000 Saxons and Swabians who were deported 70 years ago from Romania in forced labor camps in the Soviet Union. Among those deported back then there were also his grandparents, according to a post on the president’s Facebook page.

“70 years ago, in January 1945, 70,000 Saxons and Swabians from Romania were deported in forced labor camps in the Soviet Union. Women, men and children. Germany had been defeated and any German speaker had to be punished, whether he had participated to the war or not. Among the 70,000 deportees there were also my grandparents. They were young. After a few years, they returned home aged by the pain. They have never told what they lived in the camp. It was beyond words. In their memory and in the memory of all the deportees back then, I attend a memorial service at the Lutheran Cathedral in Sibiu,” wrote Iohannis on his Facebook page.

Visibly touched during the service, the President attended the ceremony alongside several survivors of the deportation, but also alongside the president of the Democratic Forum of Germans in Romania (FDGR), Paul Porr, County Councilor and alongside the interim mayor of Sibiu, Astrid Fodor (FDGR). Without making any statement, President Iohannis left immediately after the preach made by the bishop of the Evangelical Church of Augustan Confession in Romania, Reinhardt Guib, who also sent a message on behalf of the Evangelical Church in Romania of solidarity with the families of the victims of the tragedy in Paris, reports Agerpres.


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