Iohannis-Barna meeting. USR-PLUS chair: I am disappointed

Romanian President Klaus Iohannis had a discussion with the USR-PLUS chairman Dan Barna on Tuesday, in an attempt to find a way out of the political crisis in Bucharest prompted by the dismissal of Justice minister Stelian Ion and the resignations of all USR PLUS ministers from Citu Cabinet.

Iohannis -Barna meeting lasted half of hour.

If before the encounter President Klaus Iohannis said that our country continues to be a stable country and that the most adequate solutions to the current political crisis will be found, Dan Barna said after meeting the head of state that it had been a formal meeting and that he is disappointed with its outcome.

“In Romania democratic values are respected, the Constitution as well and even if we now have a governmental crisis, we will not stray from our European and Euro-Atlantic path. We will find a good solution for this crisis as well. This is the message that I ask each of you to convey in the states where you represent our country. Romania continues to be a stable country, which does not derail from the assumed values and commitments. I guarantee you we will find the most adequate solutions to the current political crisis and governing for Romania and for Romanians will continue,” President Iohannis told a video intervention, at the Annual Reunion of Romanian Diplomacy.

In his turn, Barna voiced his disappointment, stressing though that the President didn’t reproach him anything. “Maybe you’d hope for this meeting to come with a solution. I am disappointed, it proved to have been a formal meeting. No solutions, no scenarios were presented. I would have like to talk about scenarios, but it didn’t happen. I’d hope the President would exert his role as a mediator. His answer was related to the PNL Congress, we’ll return to further discussions in the upcoming period, we’ll see what’s happening.”

Baran argued that “this Cabinet of Florin Citu has expired. “We are not a party that is fooling around with file and withdrawn resignations. Florin Citu ‘s resignation can fix things. I sent a message to Citu last night, he didn’t reply.

According to sources quoted by Hotnews, Barna would have told President Iohannis that replacing PM Florin Citu is the only solution to unblock the situation, but the head of state would have not come up with any other name for the PM seat.

Earlier in the morning, Barna was announcing the resignations of those six USR PLUS ministers. “This morning I did what we had announced. We filed the resignations of the USR PLUS ministers and registered them at the PM’s Office. We move on!“, Barna said in a Facebook post.

The other USR PLUS co-chair, Dacian Ciolos is not in Romania at this moment.

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