Iohannis calls on Diaspora to register for postal vote. What did he say about COVID-19 and the school start?

In a press statement Wednesday evening, President Iohannis has said that the pandemic is far from being over, in the light of a record high of infections registered today. “Unfortunately, we had a new record high of daily infections today and a significant number of deaths. The pandemic is far from being over. Lifting some restrictions, along with the cold season, flu prompt a sensitive context and generate concern. Under no circumstances we can allow that the medical system manages a double epidemic, COVID-19 and the regular flu”, said  the head of state.

As for the start of the school year, Iohannis said that not all schools have benefited of the necessary tools to enable the education in good conditions. “I call on the school principals to ask local authorities for all the necessary resources, including to supplement the staff. I ask all mayors and county school inspectorates to solve the problems in schools as a priority. I asked the Government to make a full assessment after the first 2 weeks and to present the vulnerabilities and solutions”.

Referring to the upcoming local elections, due on September 27, the President said that “our vote will decide how things will change in the localities where we are living”.

He urged people to go to polls and to “vote for those who can make a change for the better. Don’t let others decide for you.”

As there is the risk that not all poll stations can be opened abroad due to the coronavirus pandemic, Iohannis called on the Romanians from Diaspora to vote by mail. “The postal vote is very useful amid this pandemic and I call on the diaspora to register for this type of vote. There is no guarantee that all polling stations in the countries where we have Romanians will be able to open.”

The head of state also delivered a message for the candidates in the local elections. “Use every mean of communication to present your projects. People are waiting for solutions and concrete proposals, not sterile attacks. The toxic practice with parasite topics must remain in the past. The political fight is a fight for projects for communities in the first place”, he argued.

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