Iohannis: Ciolos has been very good one year, why shouldn’t he be hereafter?

While in Brussels on Thursday, President Klaus Iohannis stated that Dacian Ciolos remains a good option for the future government leadership, provided that parties endorse him.

“Of course he is a good option. If he has been very good for one year and I designated him, why shouldn’t he be good hereafter as well? But this designation will depend on the parties. If parties assume this proposal-you know there are meetings the President has with the parties after elections and if the parties come up there and say we probably have a majority, we propose Ciolos-then I consider it’s a political proposal and I will seriously consider it,” Iohannis said after beigng asked if Ciolos remains a good option if proposed.

The President explained that a political premier is a premier clearly assumed by a party or by a coalition of parties and that he is not interested if that premier is a a party member or not.

“It’s not the President’s role to check if he (the premier) paid his fee, I care less. I am interested in the political assumption. If a person is politically assumed by a party or by a coalition of parties, then in my view he is a political premier,” Klaus Iohannis said.

The head of state also voiced hope that a Government should be formed at the first try.

“Now we are the pre-campaign and campaign stage. I don’t want a situation when after elections there will be all kind of sensitive issues and that we shall not be able to form a government straight from the tin. I want a Gov’t to be set up at the first try and after that we’ll negotiate and see what is the majority, who propose whom, but these are topics to be discussed after elections,” the President said.

Regarding a PSD-PNL majority, the head of state informs that he will tell what options he believes in when he designates a person for the prime minister position.

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