Iohannis explains stance on Szeklerland bill: “I have no problem with Hungarian ethnics, but with politicians, particularly with PSD”

President Klaus Iohannis has given further explanations today on his stance taken last week against the law on the Szeklerland autonomy.

“I made some statements last week. I have no problem at all with the Hungarian ethnics. I respect them. The large majority of them are nice, hardworking people. I have a problem though with the politicians, especially with PSD that tried to promote a draft bill on the Szeklerland autonomy. It’s surprising and upsetting,” Iohannis argued.

The head of state said that the bill on the Szeklerland autonomy had not been a singular matter, as another draft law initiated by UDMR on the Administrative Code had been adopted tacitly in the Senate.

“They (PSD) tried to save themselves and soon after my stance they rejected the law in the Senate. But,  there is proof it has not been a singular matter. Ironically, another UDRM bill has been adopted tacitly in the Senate, it’s the administrative code in UDMR’s version”, Iohannis revealed.

According to the President, the bill on the administrative code tabled by UDMR envisages that Hungarian language must be mandatory in certain areas in Transylvania. “This time PSD cannot say it didn’t know, because the bill passed through the Senate’s committees where PSD MPs voted in favor,” Iohannis said, adding that probably PSD will find a way to vote against it, now that they have been exposed.

“We cannot pretend we are blind when PSD is promoting certain laws that lead to the Szeklerland’s autonomy or this is not constitutional and I will not tolerate such laws”, he concluded.

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