Iohannis explains why he won’t go to a debate with Dancila

President Klaus Iohannis has come out today to explain why he rules out any TV debate with the his foe in the presidential election runoff, former PM Viorica Dancila (PSD). There cannot be any debate with a candidate whose party had ruled against Romanians in the past three years, Iohannis argues.

There can be no debate with a candidate of a party that for three years has ruled against the Romanians. There can be no exchange of ideas with the representative of an unreformed party, which has violated the rule of law, which would have wanted Romania to derail from its European path only for the benefit of a clique of criminals. We are talking about the candidate of a party that now is faking

democracy, who has systematically defied the values and democratic principles, has humiliated the Romanians, has made herself shield in front of the corrupt and the criminals during all these years,” said Iohannis in a Facebook post on Tuesday evening.

“We must never forget who is PSD and which is the risk it represents for Romania, no matter how it wants now to run away from responsibility and to try to divide through all kind of bluffs”, the head of state added.

He reiterated that direct dialogue with citizens, journalists, and civil society is a priority for him.

“Together we have managed to fend off the PSD, the party that attacked all the state institutions. And only together we’ll eventually win this fight for Romania. The vote you gave me in the first round of elections is a confirmation of the confidence that you have in me. But the president cannot rebuild a country alone, which is why each of you, your involvement is needed. I want to be very clear: I will talk directly to the citizens, the journalists, the civil society in the upcoming period, I will continue to tour the country, meet with people and explain to everyone what my project is. Normal Romania becomes reality only through solidarity and unity, with the support of the majority of Romanians,” Klaus Iohannis concluded.

Klaus Iohannis’ campaign manager for the presidential election, Liberal Dan Motreanu, announced on Monday evening after a meeting with the incumbent President that they don’t consider opportune a TV debate between Klaus Iohannis and Viorica Dancila in the wake of the second round of presidential election.

PSD has called on the National Liberal Party (PNL) to jointly organize at least two debates between Viorica Dancila and Klaus Iohannis, before the second round of the November 24 presidential elections.

In retort to Klaus Iohannis and PNL’s denial to face her during a TV show, Viorica Dancila accused thee President that he “is afraid of a direct confrontation” with her.

“I think that Mr. Iohannis is afraid of a direct confrontation with me, in front of all Romanians. During our institutional collaboration, we have met before, we’ve interacted. Yet I believe that he is aware that a debate in front of the entire country would  immediately disassemble all the miserable attacks of the past years targeting me and the Social Democratic Party“, Dancila said on Facebook, right after Iohannis’ message.

The PSD leader said she had not given up the idea of a face-to-face debate with Iohannis.

“I have patience though. I am still waiting for the President to find his wisdom, strength and courage to accept my invitation to the debate that Romanians ask for and deserve,” Dancila added.

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