Iohannis, Isarescu and Cioloş top the confidence rankings, survey says

President Klaus Iohannis, BNR governor Mugur Isarescu and Prime Minister Dacian Ciolos are on the top three positions in the top of confidence in public figures, according to a survey conducted by INSCOP for ‘Adevarul’ newspaper about Romania during March 21-28.

Iohannis stands at 51.2% confidence and very much confidence in March this year, as compared to 59.8% in November last year. The head of state is followed by Mugur Isarescu, 36.1% confidence against 40.4% in November 2015.

Prime Minister Dacian Ciolos ranks third, accumulating 30.4% against 32.6% in November last year.

On the next place is Romania’s ambassador to the US, George Maior, with 27.3% confidence, but 17.1% of respondents claim they do not know Maior.

Next is Victor Ponta – 23.3% against 20.2% in November 2015.

On sixth position is Călin Popescu-Tariceanu – 22%, followed by Gabriela Firea – 21.1%.

On the following places are Mihai-Răzvan Ungureanu 20.1% (against 21.8% in November 2015), Vasile Dancu 17.1% (17.3% in November), Alina Gorghiu 16.7% (18.6% in November 2015), Traian Basescu – 15.4%, Catalin Predoiu – 13.9%, Mircea Geoana – 13.5%, Monica Macovei – 12.4%, Ludovic Orban – 10.8%, Liviu Dragnea – 10.2%, Vasile Blaga – 9.1% and Ion Iliescu 8.5%.

Nicuşor Dan has 7.7% confidence rate and Marian Oprişan – 4.1%.

The confidence standings include also Kelemen Hunor 3.4%, Laszlo Tokes 3% and Deputy PM Costin Borc – 2.7%.

The INSCOP-Adevarul survey about Romania was conducted by INSCOP Research during March 21-28, 2016. The sample was of 1,063 people and is representative for Romania’s population of 18 and over 18. Data MPE is plus/minus 3% at a confidence level of 95%.

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