Iohannis: Recent measures prevent a more serious lockdown later on. Patients in serious condition might by transferred abroad

President Klaus Iohannis has said during a visit to Maramures county on Friday that the firm measures taken by the authorities recently will help us prevent a more serious phase of lockdown after elections. He said that the first results of the restrictions to be enforced as of Monday will be seen in 2-3 weeks.

“The pandemic is a more and more serious concern for us, unfortunately today we passed the threshold of 10,000 Covid-19 cases per day. Together with the government, we envisaged new firm measures, to be enforced as of Monday, measures which are designed to significantly slow down the expansion of the pandemic”, the President stated.

He pointed out that the restrictions had been discussed with the health experts and that their first results are expected in 2-3 weeks.

“I think these firm measures will allow us to have a life close to normality, to have safe elections and to prevent us from entering a more serious lockdown phase,” Klaus Iohannis said.

The head of state also announced that Romania had initiated contacts with other states for a potential transfer of COVID-19 patients in serious conditions abroad, yet voicing hope it will not be the case.

Asked by the journalists if the transfer abroad of some patients is considered as the hospitals are overcrowded in Romania, Iohannis replied he this option is on the table.

“Even if at present there is room in intensive care for the patients with more serious forms of the infection, we have already initiated some contacts with other states with which we have special ties. So, ultimately, we’ll capitalize on these contacts, but I hope it will not come to this”.

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