Ionannis sets up working group at Presidency on countering climate change

President Klaus Iohannis set up a working group on “Fighting climate change: an integrated approach” at the level of the Presidential Administration. This initiative is part of the commitment of the President of Romania to get involved in the national effort to combat climate change and to consolidate the policies applicable to this field, the Presidency informs.

The working group will bring together national and international experts, prestigious members of the academic community inside and outside the country, representatives of public institutions, the non-governmental environment, financial and economic, with solid experience in climate change.

 “The first target of the working group is to develop a framework for an integrated approach to climate change in our country. Thus, a series of key priorities for Romania in combating climate change, in the medium and long term, will be identified”, says the Presidential Administrations’ press release.

“The effects of climate change are increasingly visible in Romania and internationally, whether it is waves of intense heat, drought that destroys agricultural production, floods or threats to biodiversity caused by wildfires. In 2021, our country has faced a record number of immediate severe weather warnings (red code) issued by the National Meteorological Administration, and experts warn that they will become more frequent in the context of climate change. The UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change published new data last summer indicating the acceleration of climate change and the need for firm action. In response to these developments, at the global climate change conference in Glasgow, COP26, in November 2021, states have made additional commitments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. These commitments will require the implementation of new measures and policies to reduce emissions. At the European Union level, the Fit for 55 Package is currently being discussed and negotiated, which contains a series of measures aimed at reducing emissions by 2030. We are therefore going through a period of readjustment of international and European climate priorities and policies, to which Romania it is a party”, the press release further says.

The Presidency argues that the green transition can generate for Romania and Romanians not only a clean and healthy environment, the prevention of extreme weather events and associated natural disasters, but also wide access to clean energy, green growth and new jobs.

“In order to benefit from the positive effects of the green transition, we need to harmonize various interests in an integrated approach, guided by science and expertise, in response to COP26 and the Fit for 55 Package. The working group established at the level of the Presidential Administration is meant to endorse this national approach”.

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