IPSOS poll: Nicușor Dan leads with 43% in Bucharest mayoral race, Firea under 20%

43.03% of Bucharest residents would vote for Nicușor Dan in the race for Bucharest city hall, 27.6% for Cristian Popescu Piedone, while Gabriela Firea would get only 19.1%, according to a IPSOS survey carried out between May 8 and 12, 2024, at the behest of USR. Sebastian Burduja (PNL) dropped to 5.7%, and Diana Șoșoaca to 2.7%.

At the General Council, Alianța Dreptei is preferred by 36.4% of Bucharest residents, while PSD is credited with 27.5%. A new surprise is represented by the fact that PUSL surpasses PNL with 13.7% compared to 10.5%. AUR would get 6.4%, while the other parties are below the 5% threshold.
Scenario 2: Piedone steps back
IPSOS also surveyed the situation where the second-ranked Piedone is taking a step back in favor of Gabriela Firea. In these circumstances, Nicușor Dan would also win the mayor’s office of the Capital.
The current mayor would get 52.4% of the votes, and Gabriela Firea 29.3%. Sebasian Burduja would rise in this scenario to 8.9%. 48.1% of the Bucharest residents interviewed declare themselves satisfied with the activity of the general mayor, Nicușor Dan, while 46.6% declare themselves dissatisfied.
Gabriela Firea has every chance to win the Capital City Hall, said Nicușor Dan a day ago. He says that there are two large electoral pools in Bucharest, the right and the left, and whoever mobilizes the electoral pool better will win. It’s a question of mobilization. There are elections in one round, there are two large pools in Bucharest, one anti-PSD or let’s call it right-wing and one PSD or let’s call it left-wing. And within these pools, as there are more candidates, people focus on the best placed. So, Gabriela Firea has every chance to win the Capital City Hall”, said Nicuşor Dan, at a press conference, when asked about the opinion poll in which Gabriela Firea has 29%, being in second place, after him, and if there is a risk that to win the elections on June 9.
Voting intentions for EP elections
In the elections for the European Parliament on June, the voting intentions would be the following:
39% of respondents would vote with the PNL-PSD Alliance, the Right Alliance (USR, PMP, Forta Dreptei), is on an upward trend, would be voted by 34.6%, PUSL-a big surprise- comes in 3rd with 10.6%, AUR is decreasing, being credited with only 7.4%.
REPER and S.O.S are below the necessary threshold of 3.5%.
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  • Panagiotis Spyridis

    I like this candidate. He has my support.