IRSOP poll ahead Bucharest local elections: Gabriela Firea-45pc, Nicusor Dan-38pc

Over 70% of Bucharesters say they will vote in the local elections in September, says a recent IRSOP poll. “This time, the turnout is plausible due to the tensions in the society, due to the economic incertitude and political polarisation”, the authors of the poll argued. “A campaign more aggressive than usual is being announced”, the poll adds.

The survey reveals that the incumbent mayor Gabriela Firea (PSD) would get 45%, while the opposition candidate Nicusor Dan would get 38%.

Another candidate who announced intention to run for the Bucharest City Hall, Viorel Catarama (entrepreneur, former Liberal) is credited with 9 percent. Six percents are for other potential candidates, while 2 percent of the respondents are undecided.

“For the time being, Firea has some advantages that Dan will not be able to dismantle too easily: her traditional electoral pool consists of more loyal supporters than the voters endorsing Dan. As for the direct perceived qualities, Firea has an advance of 10-12% against Dan in terms of the voters’ expectations on <new jobs>, <welfare of citizens> and <being a good mayor>”, the authors of the poll pointed out.

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