Juncker: Romanian Gov’t, ready to take over the Presidency of the EU Council, problems remain on the rule of law

The President of the European Commission, Jean Claude Juncker, has stated after meeting Romanian PM Viorica Dancila in Brussels on Wednesday, that the Romanian Government is ready to take over the Presidency of the EU Council, yet adding that problems still remain on the rule of law, which have nothing to do with the EU presidency, but with the bilateral relation.

Juncker said that extremely difficult duties lie ahead Romania, reminding that a deal on the basic lines of the future financial agreement and on the multi-annual financial framework should be agreed at the summit in Sibiu in May next year. According to the EC President, there are 257 draft laws on the EU’s stable.

„The Austrian Presidency of the EU Council will conclude many files, but a lot of work will be passed on the Romanian presidency and for a very short period of time, for the European Parliament will end its activities in April (editor note: due to the EP elections in May). I have seen how well prepared are the ministers in their fields and I am convinced that Romania will manage to concluded a high number of files. I think many EC programmes met the ones of the Romanian Government. There are though divergences on the rule of law,” Juncker told the joint press conference with PM Viorica Dancila.

Juncker also said that he is convinced Romania will join Schengen by the end of the current EC’s mandate, but there are still many to be done. He also took the opportunity of praising European Commissioner for Regional Development, Corina Cretu.

On the other hand, the Romanian premier has stated that the rule of law is observed in our country and that she sees no connection with the rotating presidency of the EU Council that is to be taken by Romania.

The rule of law is observed in Romania and efforts are being taken so that justice should be independent”, Dancila claimed, adding that Romania must not be placed on the same level with Hungary and Poland.

„I reiterated that Romania wants an ambitious mandate at the helm of the EU Council, but also a realistic one (…) for Romania will play the part of an unbiased mediator that facilitates balance and consensus and I think we must obtain a consensus among member states. Europe is divided from this point of view and it won’t be easy to achieve that”, Dancila pointed out.

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