Justice Minister Tudorel Toader: The US Department of State release should not disquiet us

Justice Minister Tudorel Toader has said on Wednesday that the US Department of State release expressing concern on the proposals to amend the laws of justice, the position of our strategic partners, should not disquiet us “we have full freedom to legislate.”

“I am convinced that it should not disquiet us. I am convinced we have full freedom to legislate according to the Constitution, within the parameters and European and international standards where we have treaties, conventions signed by Romania. The fact that an ambassador, a department express a certain position should not disquiet us, we have the competences, the capability to legislate. All we have to pay attention to is to fulfil this mandate within the limits of rule of law and of our partnerships,” Minister Toader said on Wednesday, cotidianul.ro reports.

He added that the ministry has good cooperation with the US Department of State.

“I’ve discussed several times with the US Ambassador, although sometimes we did not fully agree on certain issues, although at times we had accents, we have sent public messages, but the basic relationship is good cooperation. This does not mean that he does not have the freedom to express an opinion. If he expresses a certain concern, this does not mean I change my behaviour and go astray from what I have to do, within the legal competence, within the constitutional demands,” Toader said.

The Justice Minister added that any law is perfectible.

“Whatever amendments will be made, I am very satisfied that I’ve brought up the discussion, that I’ve pointed to the directions of change. No law is perfect, any law is perfectible, and time will allow amendments. I’ve started the process. It is important to deliver the impulse and the directions. Otherwise, within the limits of competence, everyone is responsible,” Minister Toader concluded.

A US Department of State release, posted on the official website on Monday was a tough warning regarding the fight against corruption and judicial independence.

“The United States notes with concern that the Parliament of Romania is considering legislation that could undermine the fight against corruption and weaken judicial independence in Romania. This legislation, which was originally proposed by the Ministry of Justice, threatens the progress Romania has made in recent years to build strong judicial institutions shielded from political interference. We urge the Parliament of Romania to reject proposals that weaken the rule of law and endanger the fight against corruption,” the release, read.

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