Klaus Iohannis asked Zelensky to fix the law that prohibits the rights of the Romanian minority in Ukraine

On Wednesday, Klaus Iohannis had a telephone conversation with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenski, to whom he conveyed that “the new law on national minorities has created concern and dissatisfaction among the Romanian authorities” and asked him to resolve the situation, according to a press release from the Presidential Administration.

“President Klaus Iohannis expressed deep concern and concern over the continued attacks by the Russian military on civilian targets and critical infrastructure in Ukraine, which constitute war crimes under international humanitarian law, and strongly condemned Russia’s continued airstrikes, which have left Ukraine in the dark and cold.

The President of Romania recalled the consistent and multidimensional support provided by our country, both through direct assistance, support for refugees, the provision of generators, respectively the facilitation of grain transit, as well as by supporting the European integration of Ukraine, the adoption of sanctions against Russia and, respectively, of actions aimed at the international isolation of Russia. In this context, President Klaus Iohannis reiterated the fact that Romania will continue to act to help Ukraine and the Ukrainian people, as long as it is needed.

The President of Romania referred extensively to the recent law on national minorities adopted by Ukraine, which created concern and dissatisfaction among the Romanian authorities and the representatives of the Romanian community in Ukraine. President Klaus Iohannis asked President Zelensky to quickly identify solutions to address and remedy these concerns. In this sense, the two Presidents agreed that in the immediate following period the foreign ministers of the two countries will have discussions regarding the bilateral solution of the mentioned issues.

Also, President Klaus Iohannis reiterated Romania’s support for Ukraine’s European path and welcomed the reforms implemented, in accordance with the commitments assumed in the relationship with the European Union.

In his turn, the President of Ukraine expressed his thanks for the multidimensional and extremely consistent support provided by Romania since the beginning of the war and emphasized the need to continue supporting Ukraine, especially in the context in which Russia’s attacks are increasingly aggressive, with a serious impact on the population and civil infrastructure.

Regarding the aspects related to the Romanian minority, President Volodîmîr Zelensky expressed his full openness to identifying solutions, so that the Romanian community in Ukraine benefits, in the mirror, from the same rights enjoyed by the Ukrainian community in Romania“, reads the press release sent by the Cotroceni Palace.

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