Klaus Iohannis’s debate on Tuesday to use the American model

The electoral debate that President Klaus Iohannis is holding on Tuesday at the Central University Library (BCU) with journalists and political analysts will follow the American pattern, PNL MEP Rares Bogdan told RFI.

The debate will start around 7 p.m. or 8 p.m., with an estimated audience of seven million citizens, and with six to nine guests to be able to ask 3-4 questions per person.

“It’s a small hall, unfortunately, there are only 215 seats and two boxes that will be taken by the Romanian and foreign journalists (…) 6 to 9 journalists, analysts, influencers will ask questions, there will not be only from the right-wing area, but also from the people and mass media which endorsed the PSD Government and which have been very critical about President Iohannis”, said Rares Bogdan.

The Liberal MEP also stated that there will be four presidential advisers in the hall, alongside eight people from Iohannis’ electoral staff, so 12 people, while the rest 203 will be students. “It is a debate on the American or French model. The National School of Political Science and Public Administration (SNSPA) is partner of this debate”.

The debate will start around 7 or 8 p.m. and will be broadcast by one radio station and five TV stations. “Moreover, we expect the public television to act as such and to air this debate. We expect an audience of over 7 million citizens. Every journalist, analyst or political expert will be able to ask questions, probably from 2 to 4 questions, we don’t know yet for sure, for, if there are three questions per guest, plus the answers, the debate will probably last two hours, two hours and a half”.

As for the President’s refuse to face his contender Viorica Dancila in a face-to-face debate, Rares Bogdan said that the PSD candidate would embarrass herself if she came to attend President Iohannis’ debate with the journalists and political experts.

“I think Mrs. Dancila , besides she managed to offer us a lot of language and conduct blunders at diplomatic level, is still trying to deliberately embarrassing herself. I think Mrs. Dancila and her staff are using the only weapon they can still have, victimization. Mrs. Dancila is making childish mistakes. Part of her campaign staff probably thinks that making her a victim will bring her more votes, but at the same time, they have to consider this might also make her pathetic”.

On Sunday, Viorica Dancila did not rule out to come announced to attend Iohannis’ debate on Tuesday. Asked by Antena 3 if she is paying an impromptu visit to the debate hosted at BCU, Dancila said “I don’t know yet“. She further slammed the head of state for his denial to attend a debate with her, saying “it’s a defiance against Romanians”. Dancila added that Iohannis hates her.

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