Kovesi denies presidential candidacy

Laura Codruța Kovesi, the former chief of the National Anti-corruption Directorate and  currently the head of the European Public Prosecutor’s Office (EPPO) told an interview to Radio Europa Liberă Moldova that she is not considering at all to run for Romania Presidency in 2024. Her statements come after several opinion polls in the past month included her in the voting intentions.

“No, I do not want to run for Romania’s Presidency. Maybe to be clearer, my answer is „Nu”, „No”, „Nein”, „Nie”  and, if I insist on practicing a little bit more with my colleagues from EPPO I will be able to answer “No” in all the other 17 languages used at EPPO. My main attribution was to build an institution. I built it from the scratch. When I was appointed, I was somehow alone, I had a small team of several colleagues, with whom I built everything, starting from procedures, budget, staff recruitment. We are only at the beginning. I want to build a European, strong, independent institution that shall protect the EU budget better. When my term comes to an end I will have a unique expertize. I will know 22 judiciary systems from Europe very well and I do not want to run for Romania’s President”, Kovesi said.

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