Liberal chairman Orban: Motion of censure to be filed on June 20

Chairman of the National Liberal Party (PNL) Ludovic Orban has announced on Monday that his party would file the motion of censure against Dancila Cabinet on June 20, adding that any MP who will not endorse the vote of no confidence’ is nothing else but Dragnea’s lackey’.

Any MP, regardless of the political party, will have to pass an examination of conscience, if he or she wants to mean well for this country, wants Romania to get back on the right track, wants a new beginning for Romania (…) Any PM must pass this examination, any MP who will not support the motion is nothing else but Dragnea’s lackey and will accept that Dragnea can mock at Romania. We’ll file the motion on June 20,” Orban said after the PNL Executive Bureau meeting.

The Liberal leader denied saying how many lawmakers had signed the motion of censure, arguing it doesn’t matter how many had signed it, but it matters how many will vote it. Orban also said that negotiations with all parliamentary groups are still ongoing.
The vote of no confidence is not about me, it is against a puppet Government which is handled by Liviu Dragnea and by his governmental extensions (…)”, PNL chairman pointed out.

He argued the lawmakers will have the opportunity of stop a „disastrous ruling for Romania, to put an end to the country’s domination by an anti-European political leader, who has legal problems, who despises democracy and who has seized the Romanian state and is leading it through party orders”.

Orban also announced that more rallies would be also organized in support for the motion of censure, but the details are to be set.

As for the Liberal MP who has recently resigned from the party and joined ALDE, Orban called him a “crumb eater”, explaining that it is normal that some „weaker people” defect to the opposite camp before a vote of no confidence.

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