Liberal chairwoman on taking responsibilities after Sunday’s elections

Liberal chairwoman Alina Gorghiu said in Timisoara on Monday that she would not assume responsibility alone if a parliamentary majority took shape to give the future premier, namely Dacian Ciolos, after the Sunday elections.

Gorghiu said that the leaders of the party branches as well as the leaders of the National Political Bureau would also have to take responsibility.

“Nobody in the National Liberal Party is scuttling away from resignation and is thinking to avoid taking responsibility. We have to discuss results. Performance in politics is measured by votes and percentages, there is no other away around. In PNL, the leadership fixes a target for every county (…) If there is no parliamentary majority to designate Dacian Ciolos as premier, the responsibility is not only Alina Gorghiu’s, but of all the members of the National Political Bureau and of all branch leaders who are not providing the targeted result,” said Gorghiu.

She added that the party must learn that performance is awarded, but the counter-performance is sanctioned.

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