Liberal co-chair gives birth to baby boy

Co-chair of the National Liberal Party Alina Gorghiu on Wednesday announced that she had given birth to a healthy baby boy named Noah.

You know that on North Pole you’ll find an extraordinary phenomenon: the midnight’s sun or the polar day. If the weather is fine the sun is seen up to the sky 24 hrs in 24. It was pretty much the same with my pin-head baby. It wasn’t a day and a night, but just a day. He is healthy and strong, his name is Noah! And I am learning that I can love much more,” Gorghiu wrote in a Facebook post.

The media reported that Gorghiu’s due date was the end of the month, so she gave birth three weeks earlier.

At the end of March, the Liberal co-chair stated that his baby’s godfather is the party’s honorary president, Mircea Ionescu-Quintus.

Alina Gorghiu is married to Lucian Isar, a banker who worked for the Citibank and Bancpost and who was also minister delegate in relation with the business environment in the Ponta Government, in 2012.

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