Liberals accept the version of PM in rotation, but they want the first PM to be from PNL. PSD nominates Marcel Ciolacu

The Liberals decided on Tuesday evening, in the meeting of the Executive Bureau, to accept the prime minister’s version by rotation but with one condition. PNL leaders agreed that the future Cabinet they are negotiating with PSD to have prime minister by rotation, but they want PNL to be the first party to give the prime minister. There have been four abstentions and two votes against.

The Liberal leader of Cluj, Emil Boc proposed that the negotiating mandate be made more flexible so that President Klaus Iohannis has the freedom to nominate the prime minister, Liberal sources told mass media. The proposal was not put to the vote. Behind closed doors, several PNL leaders attacked Florin Cîțu.

Emil Boc accused Citu of putting personal interests first in the negotiations with PSD and that he did not take into account the party.

Gigel Știrbu for instance accused Citu of undermining the negotiations with the Social Democrats through the fact that he showed his availability of yielding the nomination for the PM office to them.

Florin Cîțu explained what the PM in rotation means: PNL to take the office for 18 months, and after that PSD for another 18 months. He also proposed that ministries should not change along with the rotation, but the Secretary General should be given by the party that doesn’t hold the PM seat at that moment.
Citu, who is the PNL chairman and the interim PM, said at the end of the meeting that discussions with PSD about the prime minister will start on Wednesday, claiming that the future coalition must go to Cotroceni to the consultations with President Iohannis with only one name for the PM position.

“We haven’t changed the mandate, we have only one mandate. The decision with a PM in rotation was votes, with the first to be from PNL. If PSD opposed, we’ll see then”, Citu said.

Although in the Executive Bureau’s meeting more leaders asked that other names should be considered in the negotiations with PSD, considering that the Social Democrats stated loud and clear that they don’t want Citu, the proposal for a flexible mandate for the name of the future premier from PNL has not been put to the vote.

PNL and PSD was supposed to resume talks about forming the new Government today starting 4 p.m., but the negotiations have been cancelled at the last minute. The decision comes after a short encounter at rhw Government between Florin Cîțu, Marcel Ciolacu and Kelemen Hunor.

PSD designates Marcel Ciolacu to be their PM proposal

The Social Democrats, on the other hand, voted in their National Political Council that chairman Marcel Ciolacu should be their proposal for the PM position.

Before the sitting, the Social Democrat chairman Marcel Ciolacu voiced hope the negotiations on the ruling programme should be concluded today, also announcing the PSD is expected to establish the PM on their side also today. Ciolacu said that PSD won’t give up the idea of them nominating the prime minister first in the rotation mechanism agreed with the Liberals.

“I am absolutely convinced that Mr. Citu will understand that he cannot return as the Romanian PM at this moment after he had just been dismissed”, he argued.

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