Liviu Dragnea: Gov’t reshuffling to be discussed in January. Ultimatum to two ministers

Social-democrat Chairman Liviu Dragnea said Thursday evening he would discuss the Government reshuffling, if is needed or not, in January.

“We need to see next year if the current form if the Government is the best one, if a reshuffling is needed or not. I’ve had talks with the PM, with Chairman Tariceanu (ALDE Chairman – our note) so that in January we are to start discussions so that the Government activity improves more,” Dragnea told Romania TV private broadcaster.

Dragnea added that, in his view, the activity of the Tudose cabinet has been a good one, with good results.

On the other hand, the PSD Chairman said two cabinet members have told him they received information he could be arrested, others were told they might be good party chairmen.

“Since March, some colleagues were told: beware that Dragnea will be arrested, jailed, you are good for chairman. Probably Sorin (Grindeanu –former PM, our note) was also told. In the new Government others were told,” Dragnea said.

“Two colleagues have told me. Let them be men and publicly say it. I told them they are members of the Government and such things come from an occult area. I expect them after the New Year’s Eve to come and say it. If not, I would say it,” Dragnea added.

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