Ludovic Orban keeps the same ministers in the second gov’t

PM-designate Ludovic Orban has presented the ruling programme and the list of ministers on the Orban Gov’t 2.

The National Liberal Party’s National Executive Bureau has unanimously approved the ruling programme and the Cabinet list. The list and the programme go to Parliament now to start the minister hearing procedure and then, the vote on the new Cabinet.

Sources quoted by Digi24 revealed that the list contains the names of the same ministers as in its previous Cabinet. As a matter of fact, the premier used to say that he was content of the activity of each minister.

Orban Gov’t 2 is a sacrifice Cabinet that is to get things started for early elections. The PM designate explained that the ministers proposed for the new gov’t will go to hearings, but the Liberal MPs will abstain from voting in the special committees and in the plenary session of the Parliament as well.

On the other hand, the ruling programme suffered several amendments, certain measures that had already been adopted have been removed from the new draft and new actions for 2020 have been added.

PM’s Chancellery Head, Ionel Danca said in a Facebook post that new measures on short terms have been added to the new ruling programme.

After the Parliament toppled down his Cabinet by censure motion, outgoing PM Ludovic Orban has announced that the National Liberal Party’s proposal for the PM office will still be him, adding that PNL’s main goal is to trigger early elections, so the Liberal MPs will reject the next two nomination for PMs advanced by President Klaus Iohannis.

What’s new in the ruling programme?

Liberals pledge in the new ruling programme to conclude the draft law on disbanding the Special Section for Investigation Magistrates and to set up a working group upon the Justice Ministry to amend the Criminal Codes.

At the same time, a new investment programme for the local communities is envisaged, as well as a strategic agricultural plan for the family farms, and a plan to grant the 5G licenses.

The new ruling programme also encompasses a new  RABLA programme for 60,000 vouchers.

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