Macron: If Russia wins in Ukraine, it will threaten Romania and Moldova

French President Emmanuel Macron said late Thursday that Russia “will not stop” if it wins the war in Ukraine and threatens the neighboring countries of Moldova, Romania and Poland, according to AFP.
“Russia has become a power that wants to expand and it is certain that it will not stop there,” Macron said on the X social network after the interview with TF1 and France 2.
“If we leave Ukraine alone, if we let Ukraine lose this war, then Russia will definitely threaten Moldova, Romania and Poland,” he warned.
“If the situation deteriorates” in Ukraine, “we must be prepared and we will be prepared to take the necessary decisions to ensure that Russia never wins,” French President told a televised interview on Thursday evening, according to AFP .
The “security” of the French people depends on the “defeat of Russia” in Ukraine, he said, saying those who set “limits” on aid to Ukraine are “choosing defeat.”
The war in Ukraine is “essential for our Europe and for France”, insisted the French head of state. “If Russia wins this war, Europe’s credibility will be reduced to zero” and “we won’t have any security,” he added.
President Macron, whose comments in late February about the possibility of sending Western troops to Ukraine sparked a flurry of political backlash in France and abroad, however said “we will never go on the offensive, we will never take the initiative”.
But “in the face of an escalation” from Moscow, “we have to say we are ready to respond,” he added.
Emmanuel Macron caused a wave of concern when he said that sending Western troops to Ukraine should not be ruled out.“There is currently no consensus on an official deployment of ground troops,” Macron said during a conference of Ukraine’s European allies held in Paris on February 26.
“But in dynamics, nothing should be excluded.We will do everything necessary to ensure that Russia cannot win this war,” the French president said.
His statement quickly provoked negative reactions from several NATO member states. Later, French Defense Minister Sebastien Lecornu said that the French president’s statements “were taken out of context” and that Macron reaffirmed that France would not be a “co-belligerent” in the conflict in Ukraine.
French President Emmanuel Macron will travel to Berlin on Friday to meet with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz in an attempt to ease tensions between them over Ukraine, which have come to light in recent weeks, German and French officials told Politico. high ranking, according to They will be joined later in the day by Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk, according to a German official, marking the first meeting since Tusk returned as Poland’s prime minister in December of the “Weimar Triangle,” a dialogue format between the three countries created in 1991.
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    Macron is just another arms dealer in the competition of the Romania market. What else ce say!