Maia Sandu Cabinet in Chisinau dismissed by no confidence vote

The Moldovan Government led by Maia Sandu, invested just five months ago, has been dismissed on Tuesday by censure motion, with the vote of the Socialist deputies, endorsed by the Democratic Party.

The motion has been initiated by the Socialist Party of President Igor Dodon.

The political crisis has kicked off in Chisinau following PM Maia Sandu’s decision to amend the prosecution law, which came against the Socialists’ interests.

The censure motion has passed by 63 votes. The MPs of Șor Party abstained from voting.

“I would have liked to do more on the justice reform. I would have liked to have the justice law adopted, but there is no political will for serious things. We’ll continue to work for people, to fight on the barricades Now we have to get rid of the the next ordeal that is shaping and is trying to seize all state institutions We are in favor of the justice reform and the problem was that Igor Dodon and PSRM did not endorse the justice reform. We don’t have nothing to discuss with people who are not endorsing the most important reform”, Maia Sandu said after the vote.

In a recent interview to Romania Journal, Maia Sandu said that the most important challenge for her Gov’t was to carry out the judicial reform.

Romanian President Klaus Iohannis reacted to the dismissal of Sandu Cabinet, stating the censure motion goes against the judicial reform and against the medium and long-term interests of the Republic of Moldova and its citizens. He warned the authorities in Chisinau that ‘under these circumstances, Romania’s support including the financial one, will be conditioned’ by the implementation of reforms.

Under these circumstances, Romania’s support, including the financial support, will continue to prioritize the interests of the citizens of the Republic of Moldova, and the completion of bilateral strategic projects and will be strictly conditioned by the continuation of essential reforms for the democratic development of the Republic of Moldova and the advancement of its European path,” Iohannis said in a press statement published by the Presidential Administration.

He added that, in the five months since taking over the mandate, the Government led by Maia Sandu made important progress in implementing the reforms necessary to get closer to the European Union, with the purpose of promoting the values of democracy and rule of law, in the fight against corruption and ensuring the independence of Justice, as well as in the economic and social domains, reforms meant to ensure the growth of the welfare and security levels of the citizens of the Republic of Moldova.

“In the period preceding the censure motion, Romania addressed directly, on multiple channels, a firm appeal to the political forces in Chisinau for responsibility and overcoming the political deadlock, advising them to identify solutions to secure stability, to continue the reform of Justice and to allow the Government to maintain the European path,” Klaus Iohannis added.

Klaus Iohannis met Maia Sandu in Bucharest in July.

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