Maia Sandu in Bucharest: “We’ll ask for help if Russia tries to attack us”. Klaus Iohannis: “We will not abandon you”

President of the Republic of Moldova, Maia Sandu, was in Bucharest on Friday. “If Russia tries to attack the Republic of Moldova, obviously we will ask for help,” she said, adding that there is concern about the security of the country. “We remain the closest partners. Republic of Moldova, we are not abandoning you,” Romanian President Klaus Iohannis assured.

Maia Sandu said her country was preparing “for all scenarios”. “We are worried. We accept all scenarios, including the most pessimistic. We are preparing for all scenarios .In the situation in which Russia will try to attack the Republic of Moldova, obviously we will ask for help“, said Maia Sandu. Moldova is, after Ukraine, the country most affected by the war, she added.

According to her, the proximity of the war puts pressure on the state institutions that ensure the security of the Republic of Moldova. “Our institutions are carefully following the evolution of the situation in the Transnistrian region, we are analyzing the risks we are exposed to from inside the country. But most importantly, these security tensions make society even more vulnerable in the face of rising prices, especially for energy resources. We appreciate the fact that, at the beginning of this month, a European hub for security and border management was created in the Republic of Moldova, which connects us to the security system of the European Union.”

Sandu also said that Romania’s support is all the more priceless as it comes when we expect it the most. “For more than 5 months, we have been living with the horrors of war by our side. Russia’s war against Ukraine has thrown our region into uncertainty. The war destabilized the energy market and, with it, Moldova’s energy security. Record inflation, due in particular to the sudden increase in energy and fuel prices, is affecting the purchasing power of citizens and putting great pressure on our manufacturers, many of whom have also lost their eastern markets. This year we are also hit by drought, which endangers the work of farmers.”

She concluded that the mix of crises that Republic of Moldova is facing is “a heavy burden”, that her country cannot carry by itself.

We remain the closest friends to the R. of Moldova and we are not abandoning you regardless of the scenario that we’ll all get through this unfortunate war waged by Russia against Ukraine“, said President Iohannis in his turn.

After the meeting with his counterpart from the Republic of Moldova, Maia Sandu, Iohannis also said that there is a need to take decisive steps regarding the interconnection of the electricity networks of the two countries.

“We had very consistent, applied discussions, with an emphasis on many topics of bilateral interest. As is natural, taking into account the deep, lasting and sincere ties between Romania and the Republic of Moldova, we coordinate closely and together identify the best solutions and ways forward. Our close relationship is all the more important in the particularly difficult regional context, a context generated by Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine. Therefore, in today’s discussions, we addressed the ways in which the effects of this war can be felt as little as possible by the citizens of the Republic of Moldova”, said Iohannis.

The Romanian head of state congratulated his Moldovan counterpart for the country’s obtaining the statute of candidate state to the EU.

“It is a historic success, fully deserved, a real turning point for the future of the Republic of Moldova. It is a success that Romania also fought for, because for us this result was a strategic objective of foreign policy”, added Iohannis.

He underlined that Romania will continue to support the Republic of Moldova through all the levers at its disposal.

“The path that Chisinau has ahead, on the path of European integration, we know is not an easy one. Completing these stages will, however, lead to the consolidation of the rule of law and to a modern, prosperous society based on European democratic values. The Republic of Moldova will have to fulfill the set of objectives established by the Opinion presented by the European Commission in a time horizon as close as possible. Romania will continue to be by your side in this endeavor”, said the president.

Iohannis: Decisive steps to interconnecting the energy networks of the two countries

During consultations, the two presidents also addressed the topic of the energy security of the Republic of Moldova.

“As you know, the Republic of Moldova is particularly vulnerable in this area, and the population is already feeling the shocks of massive increases in natural gas and electricity prices. We reviewed the developments on this topic and the options for bilateral support. In this context, we discussed the very important role and potential of the Iasi-Ungheni-Chisinau gas pipeline as an essential element in the energy security architecture of the Republic of Moldova. In this framework, in addition to connecting the Republic of Moldova to the European electricity network, in March, the interconnection of the electricity networks of Romania and the Republic of Moldova has an obvious strategic relevance, and we agreed to take decisive steps in this direction”, said Iohannis. “At the same time, I welcomed the fact that Romania is consolidating itself as the first commercial partner of the Republic of Moldova, a fact proven by the consistent increase in commercial exchanges,” he continued.

“Regarding the Agreement on non-refundable financial assistance of 100 million euros, I am happy to note that its implementation has already been started through four large projects aimed at the purchase of school buses, investments in water and sewage infrastructure, in the field of mass -media and, respectively, in the endowment of school laboratories. These are projects with a direct impact on the citizens of the Republic of Moldova,” Iohannis concluded.

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