Melescanu: The delirium of the undercover officers must stop

The independent candidate running for Presidency said President Basescu asked him for the undercover agents’ names and not for a list.

“Since the beginning of the electoral campaign, the debates are drawing a range of parasitic topics which are blocking the debates on the campaign’s substantial issues. During the last 72 hours, we have witnessed intense debates on all TV channels related to the subject of the so-called undercover officers. From my point of view, this topic is over. Everything that was to be said and everything that was to be written had been done. If there are other concerns, they should be clarified by the competent Romanian authorities.  Romania is losing, we all are losing because of Traian Basescu-Victor Ponta dispute. President Basescu doesn’t have much to lose, but Romania does,” said Teodor Mele?canu.

“This delirium and this manipulation have to stop. It must come to an end because the Romanians are having high expectations from these elections,” he underscored, adding that President Traian Basescu has truly asked for the names of the undercover officers. “Basescu didn’t ask for a list, he asked me for the names of those who are undercover officers working for the Government. This is why I referred to a list of undercover officers,” he explained.

He added that the secret services were not involved in the political battle and their single concern is to provide information to people who benefit from this informing – the president, the prime minister, the ministers, the speakers of the two chambers – in order to take correct decisions.

Last but not least, the independent candidate and former SIE chief Teodor Melescanu said that he invites all those involved in the electoral campaign to organize a series of televised debates gathering all the candidates, debates to be based on tackling the fundamental issues concerning the President’s attributions.

Ponta to stay in the presidential race

The Constitutional Court of Romania (CCR) rejected on Friday, with a majority of votes, the complaint filed by Gheorghe Funar in the case of Ponta – undercover officer. The CCR decision means that Victor Ponta stays in the presidential race. According to Funar, his referral occurred following the president’s statements on October 13, when he claimed that Prime Minister Victor Ponta “has been or currently is an undercover officer in the Foreign Intelligence Service”.

Candidates speak out weeks ahead of the elections

The candidates running for Presidency had series of exclusive interviews this week. Thus, the best placed by polls in the presidential race, Prime Minister Victor Ponta talked about the idea of ??unity of the Romanians, saying that Romania can achieve many things if it is united and strong.

“Until February this year I was not absolutely convinced that I want to have the most successful term as prime minister until 2016. Following USL break , Mr. Antonescu’s leaving and abandoning the presidential race … I decided to run for Romania Presidency  because I know what Romania means, I was a magistrate and I know what justice means, I was in the Parliament and I know what goes wrong in the legislature (…). I know how much it can be done for Romania, on one condition: to have a bit of unity between those who run the country,” said the prime minister on Monday evening in “Biroul presedintelui/President office” Antena 3 talk show.

PNL leader Klaus Iohannis, running for the presidential seat on ACL’s behalf, suggested on Friday in Sibiu that a debate with all presidential contenders should be organized by a neutral body, preferably a great university, having a large audience and  should be  broadcast by all television channels. Iohannis said this campaign has two characteristics: the attacks against him and Basescu-Ponta row. “Sometimes I feel that everybody but me is lashing out at me”, the Liberal contender commented. On Wednesday he told an interview to “Gândul” online daily that if he had been in Basescu’s shoes in 2012, he would have resigned from office after the outcome of the resignation referendum had been announced, as it had proved that Traian Basescu had no legitimacy anymore.

Also present in “Biroul presedintelui”, Teodor Melescanu stated that he aims for Romania to go into normality, into lawfulness. On the other hand, Dan Diaconescu, the candidate for Presidency running from the People’s Party has spoken about his candidacy and about the Romanian political class, outlining that he is “very sure” that he will win the elections. As for the independent candidate Gheorghe Funar, he has brought an icon, the Constitution of Romania and a tricolor pen in the TV show.

In a separate interview, Elena Udrea, who runs for Presidency from the Popular Movement Party, stated, among other, that Traian Basescu didn’t support her candidacy for the parliamentary elections in 2008 and 2012, fact which led to the need of support from Emil Boc or Vasile Blaga in order to convince the president. On the other hand, Udrea said on Friday that she would challenge Klaus Iohannis to an electoral debate to find out who is the Right’s candidate. She also said she would dissolve Parliament and put forward a new prime minister after she won the elections.

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