Ministers of the 2nd Orban Cabinet heard in Parliament next week, the investiture vote on February 24

The ministers of the second Orban Cabinet will be heard in the Parliament’s special committees next week, on February 17, 18 and 19, while the investiture vote is scheduled for February 24, PM-designate Ludovic Orban announced.
The investiture vote is planned to start at 4 p.m. on February 24.
PNL’s plan is  that the government is rejected twice so that the Parliament can be dissolved and to have early elections.
According to Orban, early elections might take place during June 15-30, at the same time with local elections.
Orban stated that he had not changed any ministers of his previous Cabinet.


At the same time, the PM-designate dismissed recent criticism coming from the former Romanian President Basescu, according to which President Iohannis is using Ludovic Orban and that the latter “will lose everything”.

Orban said he has a good relationship with President Iohannis and that he will be appointed PM again after early elections if PNL is winning the ballot. Orban argued that Basescu’s statements are groundless, “empty words”.

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