Ministers to present social, economic plans in the ruling coalition. PNL chair calls for assessments

The leaders of the ruling coalition parties, PSD, PNL and UDMR have met on Monday, in the meeting of the Coalition, to discuss the package of socio-economic measures and to evaluate the ministers of the Ciucă Cabinet.

The PNL chairman, Florin Cîţu, stated before the meeting that he wants an evaluation of the PNL ministers and of the Government in general, especially in order to ensure the reforms in the PNRR and the return of the economy.

“This assessment is made on a regular basis, it should come as no surprise to anyone. I have said so many times when I was prime minister that I am doing an evaluation of the ministers to see the performance of the Government. I am interested, first of all, it is true, PNL, but I am also interested in the performance of the Government (…)

I am interested in the PNL performing well and I looked at a few polls, today we could have been much higher if there had not been a few syncopes in the last three months. Of course, I am interested in the Romanian Government performing. I believe that these things must be done by everyone in a transparent, efficient way, because in the end we are here to make the lives of Romanians better“, Cîțu said in the Parliament, before the Coalition meeting.

Liberal sources quoted by the local news agencies disclosed that the Liberal chairman is considering a serious discussion about Government reshuffling.

Recently, the PNL leader was also saying that the National Recovery and Resilience Plan means 30 billion euros for the Romanian economy, and those who cannot make the reforms provided in this plan, say now, in order to find “capable people”.

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