Moldovan President Igor Dodon warns he would address the UN and the Council of Europe on Romania’s actions

Republic of Moldova President, Igor Dodon, says he would address the United Nations and the Council of Europe about Romania’s actions, which, in his opinion, pose risks ‘to the statehood of Moldova’, Radio Chisinau and inform on Wednesday.

“When a neighbouring state, at the level of official state institutions, undertakes actions that pose risk to the statehood of the Republic of Moldova, I want to learn about the position of the foreign partners,” Igor Dodon said after the Supreme Security Council (CSS) sitting.

Dodon claims most CSS members have condemned the statements regarding the union of Republic of Moldova with Romania, adopted by the local elected officials in several localities. “CSS believes this is a flagrant violation of the constitution,” Dodon said.

CSS has also recommended the amendment of the criminal legal framework to include the criminal responsibility for such actions, Dodon added. “Those who approved such statements and continue doing so should be responsible according to the law. Any actions aiming the statehood are unconstitutional,” Igor Dodon said.

The Moldovan President expressed concern about the unionist demonstrations expected at the end of March. “The CSS is deeply concerned about actions of destabilization which could take place during March 24-27 and has requested the competent institutions to notify ex-officio. There is information that they want to come to Chisinau for destabilization actions,” Dodon said.

The Moldovan MPs and Government members of CSS have boycotted, except for Gagauzia leader Ivan Vlah and central bank governor Sergiu Cioclea, the CSS sitting on Wednesday. Members of the CSS are PM Pavel Filip, Parliament Speaker Adrian Candu, Defence Minister Eugen Sturza and Interior Minister Alexandru Jizdan.

The symbolic statement of union with Romania has been signed, until Wednesday, by 103 localities, reports.

In late February, Moldovan President Igor Dodon said, for the Russian NTV Moldova TV station, that the main three risks for Moldova’s security are unionism, NATO and the lack of solutions in the Transdnestrian issue.

In early February, Igor Dodon took the first step to counter the action of several localities in the republic that have signed a symbolic declaration of supporting the union with Romania and announced that 53 city halls signed ‘pro-statehood’ declarations against the union with Romania. He claimed that other hundreds of localities will join this action.

“Except for several local councilmen who are either drifted or bought with money, the rest of the citizens are strongly opposing any unionist action or statement. The unionist movement is not only unconstitutional but also criminal. It is also the expression of national humiliation and treachery. I regret some have fallen for this ideological plague,” the Moldovan president added at the time.

Pro-Russian President Igor Dodon also said several days before that union with Romania would mean civil war.


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