More money for the dignitaries’ house rents

The Government wants to rise the financial ceilings for the company accommodation of the the ministries and secretaries of state who don’t own houses in Bucharest.

According to the draft on the Executive’s table, „ministers, ministers delegate who don’t own a property in Bucharest will benefit of an annual maximum ceiling of RON 55,000 to discount expenses for company accommodation from the State Protocol Patrimony Administration.”

It will be RON 4,583 on a monthly basis. Ministers will have their rent discounted all through their tenure. Last year, the ceiling was RON 4,000 per month for the minister’s accommodation.

Secretaries of state will recieve money for the accommodation mounting to RON 9,000 for three months, meaning RON 3,000 per month. Last years, secretaries of state had RON 2,500 discounted per month if they had no own house.

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