Most Credible Sources for Romanians in Political Elections

On the eve of the local and European parliamentary elections that will take place on June 9, 2024, a new study conducted by MKOR Consulting reveals the preferences of Romanians regarding the sources of information considered the most credible to assess the chances of a candidate or party to win the elections.

According to the results of the study, 8 out of 10 Romanians are informed about the election results and trust, on average, only one source of information. The differences are given by demographic characteristics, the most prevalent being the level of education and income.

Exit polls – the most reliable source

Three out of 10 respondents rely on the results announced by exit polls on election day. This preference is more pronounced among people with higher education and those with middle incomes. At the same time, men show increased confidence in the results of exit polls.

Independent opinion polls – the second option

A similar percentage (27%) takes into account the results expected during the election campaign by independent polls, carried out by research agencies at the behest of media institutions, NGOs or other entities. These polls are considered more credible by people with high incomes, but also by those with secondary education.

Also with regard to sources of information outside the political parties, the predictions made by experts and political analysts are considered credible by 1 in 4 respondents. They are especially appreciated by young Generation Z and parents with young children.

Previous election results and party history – more credible than opinion polls commissioned by political parties

For 20% of respondents, the previous performance of parties in elections is a criterion on which they base their expectations regarding future results. Young people, those with low incomes, but also the inhabitants of the North-East and South-East of the country, look at this aspect. In contrast, opinion polls commissioned by political parties are considered reliable by only 16% of respondents, mostly people with low incomes.

Romanians’ interest in electoral bets

Although betting agencies have introduced special offers for this year’s elections, Romanians’ interest in election betting remains low. Only 1 in 5 Romanians consider the possibility of betting on a candidate, those with low incomes and those who usually bet on sports events showing the greatest interest.

“The results of this study reflect the trust that Romanians place in opinion polls in estimating election results. Exit polls and independent studies are most trusted, with particularities based on education, training and income. At MKOR, we enjoy contributing to a better understanding of the social context and supporting the democratic process through relevant and impactful research. See you on Sunday at the vote!, said Cori Cimpoca, founder of MKOR.

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