MPs report missing balls! 22 pairs of ballot balls are gone

The Secretary of the Chamber of Deputies Niculae Mircovici said on Wednesday that the Permanent Bureau has ordered the purchase of a new set of ballot balls after the secretary general noticed that after the vote on Elena Udrea’s remand on October 28 no less than 22 pairs of ballot balls were missing.
“A complaint from Mr. Secretary General was filed, after the vote for Elena Udrea, when the MPs received four balls for two votes, but when the counting of balls was made, after the vote, it was found that a total of 22 pairs of white and black ballot balls were missing,” said Niculae Mircovici.
Niculae Mircovici explained that when the Quaestors give the balls for vote, the MPs receive two balls from the Quaestors. After ending the distribution of these balls to all the present MPs, the remaining balls in the bag are counted.
“However, if you can come from home with some balls, more votes than the number of people who actually voted can be expected. (…) Therefore a new set of balls for this institution must be acquired, as this institution does not play games when it comes to exercising the right to vote, as it does not play games when it comes to counting,” Niculae Mircovici said.
Mircovici argued that it is possible that the 22 pairs of balls could have been lost in time.

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