NATO deputy Secretary General: Conflict in Ukraine will last, no risks anticipated against the NATO members’ security

NATO Deputy Secretary-General Mircea Geoana says no risks are expected to the security of the North Atlantic Alliance countries in the context of the war in Ukraine. Geoana also stated that Russia has brought 75% of its total military forces to Ukraine, and also that, most likely, the conflict will last. He also said that NATO is in full agreement with the International Criminal Court and the investigation of war crimes committed by the Russian army in Ukraine.

We do not anticipate any risks to the security of allied countries. The Russian Federation has blocked 75% of its total military forces in Ukraine today and we do not anticipate, including from this point of view, risks to the security of allied countries. At the same time, we are very concerned that, despite the beginning of a diplomatic dialogue, the signals are that the Russian Federation will continue this assault in three strategic directions around Kiev, in the east and in the south, and unfortunately we anticipate that this conflict it will last longer. Increasing the number of victims, increasing the number of civilian victims, real acts of war and we are obviously in full agreement with the International Criminal Court, which has launched an investigation into war crimes committed by the Russian Federation,” the NATO deputy chief pointed out.

As for the no fly zone, Geoana mentioned that “we need to be careful about how we do it”.

“Because a no-fly zone means, in fact, that it has to be implemented and secured by NATO. Which means we have to shoot down Russian planes, bomb Russian or Belarusian airports, is, in fact, a direct act of war with the Russian Federation.

This does not mean that there are no other methods, including modern weapons systems to provide air defense. Missile defense systems, anti-tank systems and many other state-of-the-art devices that you have noticed that President Biden has recently decided in a way, Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Prime Minister of Canada, including countries neighboring Ukraine.

That is why we understand a lot of the emotion, we understand the drama of the situation that Ukraine is going through, but at the same time, helping the Ukrainians, who are doing an admirable job,” Geoana said.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg had also stated a day ago that NATO understands the frustration and desperation of the political leadership and people of Ukraine “over the barbaric actions of the Russian army against the civilian population and is responding to this situation by increasing military aid to Ukraine”, but the war must not cross Ukraine’s borders. Stoltenberg argued that it is mandatory that the Alliance makes sure that “this conflict doesn’t get out of control and does not cross Ukraine’s borders”.

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