Negotiations for the Ciolacu Cabinet kick off. PNL wants the Ministry of Development, UDMR leaves the negotiations

The leaders of the ruling coalition met on Thursday, at the Government, where they talked about sharing positions and ministries and what the formula of the new Executive led by Marcel Ciolacu will look like. The PSD, PNL and UDMR leaders (photo) must reach a consensus by next week when Prime Minister Nicolae Ciucă would resign.

The number of ministries in the Ciolacu Government would be reduced compared to the current structure. In these conditions, each of the parties wants to secure portfolios of strength, with a lot of money. Amid all these, eyes are set on the Transport portfolio, which both PSD and PNL target, and on the Development and Environment ministries that UDMR wants to keep at all costs.

On the other hand, Liberals are eyeing thew Development portfolio, which stirred the anger of UDMR, which reportedly left the negotiation talks. As PSD wants to keep Transport, which must go to PNL according to the protocol, PNL would thus demand something in exchange, namely another strong ministry and that’s why it claims the ministry of Development.

Before Thursday’s talks however, Kelemen Hunor, the UDMR chairman, stated that there is no intention of the UDMR to leave the government”.

After the talks though, UDMR made it clear it doesn’t want to give up the Development ministry and its minister, Cseke Attila.

“Without Development we cannot continue”, the UDMR leader reportedly told the Coalition partners. UDMR believes that Minister Cseke Attila is one of the most competent ministers in the government and has nothing to complain about. But, according to information, Nicolae Ciucă and Marcel Ciolacu told Kelemen Hunor that “that’s how it is in politics”.

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