Nehammer in the PPE meeting: Austrian companies are “mistreated” in Romania

Austrian companies are “mistreated” in Romania, said Austrian chancellor Karl Nehammer withing the EPP meeting, according to sources attending discussions. He cited the issue of migration among the reasons for Romania’s non-acceptance in Schengen, but he also spoke about the situation of companies operating in our country.

Nehammer says that company executives have communicated certain “pressures” to him and that he has evidence that he will also submit to the European Commission. In Romania, large Austrian companies operate in the banking, insurance, fuel and wood markets.

After the meeting of the EPP leaders, MEP Rareș Bogdan declared, on Digi24, that Nehammer threatened to present the “evidence” of alleged “pressures” to the European Commission and President Ursula von der Leyen.

“He said that Austrian companies that are in Romania, in the last year, suffered huge pressure to facilitate a certain vote. It’s absurd. No one has ever made such pressures. He spoke of the pressures throughout 2022. He was extremely clear and precise. When I asked him, he said that “I’m going to provide evidence to your state authorities because company executives have come to me complaining of pressure.” He said that he would provide these data to Ursula von der Leyen and the Commission,” said Rareș Bogdan.

Rareș Bogdan says that the discussion at the PPE meeting was a tense one: “He entered the discussion very aggressively, talking about the fact that Austrian children are beaten by immigrants from Afghanistan or India, that there are 10,000 Indians. I told him, ok, but they didn’t reach us”.

In the meeting, MEP Siegfried Muresan allegedly reproached the Austrian Chancellor for his visit to Moscow, immediately after the start of the war in Ukraine.

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  • Mr Rearguard

    Romania cutting down their own forests to heat homes in Austria. This is a unacceptable.