New IRSOP poll: Romanians are more concerned with the collapse of economy than with the epidemic itself

Over 70% of the Romanians think that the collapse of the domestic economy is a far greater danger than the coronavirus epidemic itself, says a IRSOP poll. Also 70% think the virus will not disappear, but it will stay here with us.

In April, most of the population has managed to maintain its standard of living, reads the same survey. Yet, households have started facing shortages, mainly due to the missing available income (38%) and of the potential or existing unemployment in the family (11%). When the available income is fading away, households are usually curtailing the consumption and savings. The aggregate demand is also down and the economy overall starts suffering, the poll argues.

44% of Romanians say they are concerned about the current situation, while 8% are depressed. 38% of respondents are confident, while 10% are indifferent.

On the other hand, 41% of the respondents believe that Romanians have showed more solidarity over this crisis. Only 27% yet think that Romania have become more kind during this time.

The poll also shows that more than a half of the respondents think the Government is doing a “good” and “very good” job when handling the crisis. However, the Parliament doesn’t enjoy the same appreciation. Only a third (36%) appreciate the MPs activity.

Over 80% of Romanians consider that the state has sought the protection of the citizens’ health and not the restriction of individual liberties when imposing the lockdown.

Almost all respondents want the President (87%) or the Government (80%) to have the same power as so far or even greater.

Questioned who should govern when situation in Romania gets back to normal, half of respondents (50%) would like PNL to continue ruling, while 48% would like a change. The supporters of change are mainly those who expect economic losses due to the crisis.

Most of Romanians (75%) are perceiving the state in general as weak or very weak, and only 25% consider the state as strong and very strong.

The survey has been conducted on 710 respondents by phone during April 22-23.

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