New poll for EP election: PSD-PNL first, the United Right second

According to the latest survey carried out by AtlasIntel early this month, exclusively for Digi24, the PSD-PNL alliance would obtain only 31.6% of the votes in the European parliamentary elections in June. The alliance formed by the current ruling parties is followed by the United Right Alliance (USR, PMP and Forța Dreptei) which would obtain 24.6%. In third place is the AUR party with 19.9%.According to demographic data, the PSD-PNL Alliance is voted more by people aged over 50, while the United Right receives the most votes from those aged between 40 and 49. AUR is the party that receives the most votes from the young electorate, aged between 18 and 29.

More than half of Romanians believe that the alliance between PSD and PNL was not a good idea, while only 35% have a favorable opinion about the alliance between the ruling parties.

The survey also measured the opinion of Romanians in relation to the sovereignist/nationalist parties. Almost half of the respondents are of the opinion that they “are definitely a problem”. 19.2% say they “are more of a solution”.

As for the opinion of Romanians in relation to the main problems facing the country, most consider corruption the main problem, followed by external threats such as war or terrorist attacks. Poverty and unemployment are other problems that concern Romanians.

Romanians see the increase in taxes as the biggest mistake of the PSD-PNL government, while 34.7% do not see any positive achievements of the current governments. However, 20% believe that capping energy prices is the government’s main achievement, and the pension law is appreciated by 14.6%. And partial Schengen membership is seen as a good thing by 14.4%.

The survey was conducted between April 5 and April 9 on a sample of 1,764 respondents, using the “random digital recruitment” method and has a margin of error of +-2%. AtlasIntel is the only public opinion polling company on an exclusively digital channel with an “A” rating in the FiveThirtyEight ranking. In the 2020 US presidential election cycle, AtlasIntel was the most accurate polling compan.

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