New restrictions might be loosened only if the infection rate is on decline

The Government said in an official statement that there is no intention to reverse restrictions at this point unless the infection rate is dropping. The explanation came after sources from the Executive had claimed  that the rulers consider relaxing the restrictions adopted last week, hardly a day after they had come into force.

There is no intention envisaged at this moment, for the upcoming period, to revise or amend the adopted measures. We mention that these measures are reported to the infection rate in each locality through a publicly presented mechanism, and their reversal depends on the decline of the level of virus transmission in each locality”, reads the Gov’t press release.

Sources from the government claimed that the Executive might reverse the decision to shut down stores at 6 p.m. during the weekend in Bucharest and other cities with the infection rate ranging from 4 to 7.5 per 1,000 if they determine that the restriction is leading to the stores overcrowding.

Another measure that might be reversed refers to the gym and fitness halls. According to the resolution adopted last week , the gyms and fitness centres must close in the localities with an infection rate higher than 4 per 1,000. Now, the Cabinet is considering to open them if the people attending gyms are tested with antigen tests.

The version of the antigen tests to detect the SARS-CoV-2 infection is also considered for opening some events such as concerts, films or theatre halls.

The Head of the Emergency Situations Directorate, Raed Arafat said that the situation is stable in Romania regarding the coronavirus pandemic and that the restrictions imposed by authorities here are more relaxed than in other countries. He assured that there won’t be tougher restrictions imposed, while urging Romanians to get vaccinated and to observe the protection measures so that the existing restrictions should “become history”.

Raed Arafat explained that the situation is critical, as the number of patients in intensive care has exceeded 1,400.

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