Nicolae Ciucă, the prime minister proposed by PNL

The Liberals decided, on Thursday, within a meeting of the Executive Bureau, to nominate Nicolae Ciucă for the position of prime minister for the formation of the PNL-PSD-UDMR Government. Nicolae Ciucă will negotiate directly with Marcel Ciolacu and Kelemen Hunor the line-up of the future Government.

PNL chairman Florin Cîțu did not physically participate in the meeting, but connected online. Through the decision taken by BEX, Klaus Iohannis managed to impose his favorite and Florin Cîțu was forced to give up the seat of prime minister.

Last night however, sources inside PNL disclosed that Florin Cîțu had had a meeting with President Klaus Iohannis and discussed the name of the future prime minister. Following the discussion, Cîțu would have agreed to give up his nomination and the party to propose another liberal.

Also in the BEX meeting, the Liberals have agreed on a time table for investing the new Cabinet, that intend to propose to their future ruling partners. Therefore, PNL wants they submit the ruling programme and the list of ministers on Monday, November 22 and to have hearings in Parliament next Tuesday, Wednesday and to convene the plenary session to vote the new Cabinet on Thursday at the latest.

Asked if Florin Citu has lost the match after the nomination of Nicolae Ciuca, one of the Liberal vice-presidents, Rares Bogdan said this is not the case. “Under no circumstances Florin Citu lost, he is still the party’s chairman, we are behind him. He is as strong as before”.

In his turn, another vice-president Gheorghe Flutur said that Nicolae Ciuca had been nominated by Florin Citu himseld. “It is the party’s capacity to understand that the country is more important than one person,” Flutur said.

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