Nicusor Dan to run as an independent in Bucharest elections, claims informal support of 4 opposition parties

PSD-PNL tests four candidates for the Capital City Hall.

The Mayor of the Capital, Nicuşor Dan, said on Wednesday that he will run independently in the local elections on June 9, for a second term as head of the PMB and added that he has, informally for the time being, the support of several right-wing parties such as USR, PMP, The Force of Right and REFER.

“I am a man of dialogue. You have not seen, in these years, scandals that I have caused, although I would have liked to a few times, but I am a man of dialogue, I am an independent who had to work with some parties and I worked well. I never anticipated how the people of Bucharest would vote and what other people would do. My task is to explain as best as possible what I have done in these three years and to try to convince them that the project I have for Bucharest is the most suitable”, said Nicusor Dan, in a press conference held on Wednesday.

We are in a fight in which the PSD electorate matters a lot, as it has always mattered. I was voted in 2020 by a right-wing public, from all right-wing parties. It is up to this public to evaluate me and vote me again or not. As the polls say, we have a PSD party that is at 30-35%, we have a mayor in office that is at 30-35%, I think 36% in the last poll, That will be the battle. I will run independently. At the moment, informally, I have the support of several right-wing parties – USR, PMP, Forţa Dreptei, REPER. I hope that this decision will be formalized. In these elections, I will run as an independent candidate”, added the incumbent mayor of the Capital City.

As for the merged elections, the local elections with the EP ones, Nicușor Dan says that it is “a politician’s calculation to advance the local elections in order to change the result of the European Parliament elections”.

He also slammed “the real estate sharks” for trying to find a candidate for Bucharest whom they can manipulate, saying that it was not PSD that made opposition to his term, but his administration’s fight was with the “real estate sharks”.

“Now, the real estate sharks are looking for an executor who can do it the way it was done – 10-story blocks on two-lane streets, blocks in parks, blocks of blocks where you can’t find a road, a school, a kindergarten. My challenge to real estate sharks is this. Candidates, stop hiding behind bitter people, go in front of the people of Bucharest, and the people of Bucharest decide whether we go in the direction we propose or we go in the direction you propose. There are 4 very important years ahead for Bucharest, which will decide whether we go down the path of legality, of big, necessary, long-ignored projects, of a thought-out, planned development, or we return to the same kind of combinations that are covered by bunnies, pots , dinosaur eggs and other things”, said Nicușor Dan in the press conference.


PSD-PNL has no candidate yet, 4 in tests

As for ​PSD and PNL, they decided on Tuesday in the Coalition meeting to include two other names in the opinion polls besides Gabriela Firea and Sebastian Burduja for the Capital City Hall, each party coming up with a proposal, sources told If an independent is approved, he will have to join one of the two parties, the sources say.

Gabriela Firea is tested from PSD, while PNL is endorsing Sebastian Burduja. The other tested names belong to two businessmen: Dragoș Anastasiu (Eurolines), Dan Ostahie (Altex).

PSD Senator Gabriela Firea announced, on Wednesday, that the PSD Bucharest Permanent Bureau decided, unanimously, to support her candidacy for the position of mayor of the Capital. Also, the social democrats will support the candidacies of the current sector mayors Robert Negoiţă, Daniel Băluţă and Cristian Popescu Piedone and will conduct polls for the other sectors.
Currently mayor of Sector 5, Cristian Popescu Piedone has already announced that he will run for the Capital City Hall.
PNL leader Nicolae Ciucă declared that the businessman Dan Ostahie is a successful entrepreneur and if he wants to take the step towards politics it will be very good. He stated that he did not propose to be a candidate of the coalition for the General City Hall, but to be consulted if he can be polled. For his part, the PSD president, Marcel Ciolacu, said that he believes that the coalition will have a common candidate for the Capital City Hall.
Also, PNL first vice-president Rareş Bogdan declared, on Monday, that currently the liberals’ candidate for the Capital City Hall is PNL Bucharest leader Sebastian Burduja, when asked about the possibility of businessman Dan Ostahie being the candidate for the position of general mayor.
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