Parliament committees OK technocrat ministers proposed by Ciolos. Nomination of Cristina Guseth for Justice Minister withdrawn

The ministers proposed by PM-designate Dacian Ciolos for the technocrat government on Monday passed the exam of the hearings in the parliamentary specialist committees.

However, Ciolos withdrew the nomination of Cristina Guseth for Justice Minister.

The toughest debates in the parliamentary committees were stirred by Cristina Guseth, the nominee for the Justice Minister, considered by many as being below expectations. PM-designate Dacian Ciolos has decided on Monday night to withdraw Guseth’s nomination, due to her below expectations charisma in the legal committee.

“In order not to make vulnerable the confidence in the justice minister, during a year of great importance for judicial credibility, I have decided to withdraw my proposal of Cristina Guseth for this portfolio. In the morning I will submit to the parliament another proposal,” Dacian Ciolos wrote on his Facebook page right after midnight.

Petre Tobă, Mihnea Motoc, Lazăr Comănescu, Dan Stoenescu, Achim Irimescu, Anca Dragu Paliu, Costin Borc, Victor Vlad Grigorescu, Ioan Dragoş Tudorache, Dan Marian Costescu, Marius Bostan, Victoria-Violeta Alexandru, Patriciu Achimaş, Cristina Paşca Palmer, Claudia Ana Costea, Ciprian Bucur, Elisabeta Lipă, Vlad Alexandrescu, Adrian Curaj, Aura Răducu and Vlad Alexandrescu got the MPs green light.

The hearing of Vasile Dancu, nominated for the Regional Development and Public Administration portfolio was yet postponed for Tuesday.

Political sources unveiled that Dancu suffered a hypocalcemia crisis due to fatigue before entering hearings. Dancu was taken by a SMURD crew from the Parliament and rushed to Universitar Hospital.

The quoted sources said that after arriving at the hospital Dancu asked to be transported to a private clinic for further investigations. His condition was reported as stable.

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