Parliament OKs removal of MPs’ special pensions

The Parliament convened in joint session on Wednesday has adopted the bill removing the lawmakers’ special pensions. The law passed by 357 votes and no abstention.

UDMR has been the only party that hasn’t voted the law, arguing that it is just a PR action. “If you really want to remove special pensions and it is not a PR action, then you have to cut all special pensions for all categories. Therefore, UDRM will not vote this bill”, said Lorand Turos  from UDMR, adding that MPs special pensions  represent just 1.38% of the total special pensions.

Three draft bills on this topic had been tabled in Parliament, by PNL, USR-PLUS and PSD.

The PSD’s bill was the only one that received a favorable opinion, the others filed by PNL and USR-PLUS had been rejected, but amendments submitted by the Liberals and the USR-PLUS MPs have been taken over in the Social Democrats’ bill.

One of the amendments says that cut of the special pensions will become operational including in the case of the existing lawmakers. However, this amendment makes the law a target to be challenged to the Constitutional Court.

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