Parliament sacks Permanent Electoral Authority director for intention to check PSD’s state subsidies

The Parliament leadership has dismissed the director general of the control department of political parties’ financing, Toma-Bogdan Costreie on Thursday. He was the one in charge of the inquiry over how  ruling Social Democrat Party (PSD) has spend public money.

Opposition parties in Parliament has denounced the move as an abuse of PSD.

A week ago, the National Anti-corruption Directorate (DNA) requested the Permanent Electoral Authority (AEP) for the documents on how the Social-Democratic Party spent the money received from the state during 2017 and 2018. The anti-corruption prosecutors claim in the request submitted to the AEP that this information could be evidence in the file on how the PSD spent the subsidy.

On October 3, 2018, the legal committees of the Chamber of Deputies and Senate have been notified by the Standing Bureaus to draft a report in the case of three high ranking public servants within AEP: Gabriel-Constantin Saucă, Cristian-Alexandru Leahu, Toma-Bogdan Costreie.

Therefore, on February 26 this year the legal committees Okayed the dismissal of Toma-Bogdan Costreie from the position of director general of the control department of the political parties’ financing and of electoral campaigns.

USR deputy Stelian Ion said that the decision to sack Costreie is related to the check kicked off by AEP over the way PSD had spent the subsidies for the parties, adding that the decision represents „an abuse”.

If this person sues the Parliament for having been sacked, he will certainly win for it is not conceivable to dismiss someone just because he dares starting a check over your party”, the USR deputy stated.

The legal committees’ report against the AEP director comes following a complaint filed by the former AEP secretary, Florin Mitulețu Buică, who has been recently appointed as AEP president.

The committee’s report claims that, when Toma-Bogdan Costreie was hired by AEP in 2017 for this director position, he filed no affidavit certifying that he hadn’t been member of any political party.

Commenting the topic, AEP vice-president, Marian Muhuleţ, had announced on Tuesday that the check on how PSD has spent the money received as state subsidies in 2017 had been suspended following a note by the Court of Accounts, which says it wants to take over the investigation as of August 2019. Muhulet said he sent a new request to the Court of Accounts asking it to join the AEP in this investigation as of March.

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